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Barn Staining

Trust the professionals at Fresh Coat Paint and Stain with all of our barn staining needs!

With our extensive experience in staining and painting, clients began approaching us looking to utilize our skilled staining services on their barns.  We’ve realized that barns are utilized for a variety of needs from the traditional housing of animals, to businesses, reception/party venues and even home residences.

Barns are a beautiful legacy and should be treated with care and quality of materials.  Gone are the days where barns are painted the standard red color – clients are now seeking rich tones of stain to make the beauty of the wood stand out.  However, if you decide to go for a rich red color, we have the perfect red stain for you.

Similar to our deck staining process, we began with preparing the surface of the barn.  This may mean replacing old or worn-out boards, filling holes, replacing nails or screws, and sanding. Additionally, all dirt, dust or loose wood fibers must be removed through power washing as these can prevent the wood from absorbing the stain.  For existing or old barns with layers of paint or stain, we will first carefully prepare these old coats through various ways always careful to protect your landscape and surroundings.

We pride ourselves on working with each client to understand their vision as each barn is unique in function and look.  We will help you decide on the best color of stain for your barn with samples of the same barn wood so you know how the stain will take.  No matter which color you select, we use the highest quality oil-based stain.

After you decide on the color of stain, we begin the staining process. Depending on the size of your barn, this can take a several days to a couple of weeks.   All stain is applied by hand utilizing very high quality brushes and sponges.  Depending on the age of the wood, your barn may require more than one layer of stain to fully absorb the richness of the color.

After the stain dries, we will carefully inspect the barn to ensure all areas were evenly covered and you are very satisfied with the outcome.  We will ensure that all of our materials and coverings are carefully removed so you can begin immediately enjoying the beauty and look of your barn!

Barn staining is a very unique service so you should trust only those who have the right skills and experience to achieve the look are you wanting.  We commit ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism which means maintain the accreditation, insurance, and licensing that provides you with peace of mind.

Please reach out to us today to see how we can transform your barn into a beautiful piece of legacy that you deserve!

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