Cabinet Finishing and Refinishing

Cabinet Finishing and Refinishing Services

New cabinetry should look and feel like furniture, or breathe new life into your cabinets and make them look clean and stylish again with our cabinet finishing & refinishing services in Kansas City. Fresh Coat Paint & Stain specializes in painting and staining new cabinets and refinishing old ones, giving your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers and more a professional, factory-like finish!
Painting or staining your new cabinets and refinishing old ones is a great way to spruce up the interior of your space. Remodeling your home and office can be time-consuming, costly and challenging. Cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to remodeling your kitchen and bathroom. It also helps you avoid the hassles that come with remodeling. In fact, it isn’t necessary to replace your cabinets if the woodwork design still has a nice modern feel and if they aren’t broken, or worn beyond repair. If you are on the lookout for quality cabinet finishing and refinishing services in Kansas City, Fresh Coat Paint & Stain is your ideal contractor.
One mistake people make is to attempt to paint their cabinets themselves. They find out how tedious the process is and become overwhelmed by the 50 or more individual pieces. Once overwhelmed, essentials steps for a proper finish are missed and the end result looks bad and does not hold up to daily use. For this reason, we recommend that you don’t do it yourself. You should hire a finishing and refinishing contractor who will get it right the first time with proven skills and process.
Fresh Coat Paint & Stain is an established, licensed and certified painting and refinishing contractor in Kansas City with more than 15 years experience in the industry. Over the years, we’ve helped many home and business owners enhance the appearance of their spaces with amazing services. Our finishing and refinishing are customized to suit your tastes and complement your décor.
No matter the size of your project, we are well-equipped, skilled and experienced to handle it!

Benefits of Refinishing Your Cabinets

Economical: The cost of refinishing cabinets is far less than what you’ll pay to replace them. Replacement requires the old cabinets to be torn out, new ones built from the ground up, installation, then new backsplash and surrounding drywall repair and paint. With refinishing, there’s no need for dismantling and reinstalling, and it’s much less invasive and time consuming.
Looks as Good as New: If your cabinets are not in a poor condition, refinishing can make them look as good as new. New finish and new hardware creates a whole new feel. Needless to say, our cabinet refinishing services in Kansas City can give your cabinets a revitalized and better look.
Convenience: A lot of inconveniences come with a full replacement. You don’t have to deal with this. Refinishing takes far less time, causes less distraction, allowing you to go about your business quickly and without hindrance.
Variety of Options: One of the biggest advantages of refinishing your cabinets is the sheer number of options you have. The almost limitless options enable you to select a color and finish that better suits your home or office décor. You can also decide to change hardware to enhance the look of your cabinets. As experts, we use solid colors, transparent stains and custom glazings,  using premium enamels and lacquer products .

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process

Step 1
The first step involves creating a workspace. We mask off covering appliances, countertops and the backsplash. We then remove the doors, drawers, shelving and hardware. We label them for easy installation later.
Step 2
The cleaning process follows. The wood surfaces are meticulously cleaned to remove stains, grease, oil, and smudges left behind by years of usage and in the case of a kitchen, cooking. Cleaning ensures that the finish adheres properly to the wood surfaces.
Step 3
We begin sanding all surfaces ensuring maximum adhesion and smooth surfaces . Surfaces include the front and back of doors, drawers, boxes and so on. Areas that are damaged from water, heat, scratches, etc., are sanded and detailed. The sanders are attached to dust extractors to vacuum the dust away.
Step 4
The prepared surfaces are then primed with a specialized primer, or stained depending on the design. Depending on the finish type, we use the right primer to ensure adhesion and durability.
Step 5
This step involves applying multiple coats of our finishing product, depending on the style you want by professional spray equipment. Spray finishing ensures a professional furniture grade finish that is smooth to the touch. Once dry, the hardware is installed then doors and drawers are installed. The workspace is cleaned up and your area is ready for use.

Why Choose Us for Your Cabinet Finishing & Refinishing Services in Kansas City?

Our Promise

We only work with the best materials available. Unless otherwise directed by our client, we use Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore branded paints for everything. We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. We provide honest customer service and strive to provide an unprecedented painting experience. We will not leave until you are happy! Schedule a free estimate today!

What Our Customers Says

I had an atypical paint job and Andy gave me the most detailed estimate of the work involved out of all the estimates I got. The work quality was superb and the results were excellent. He had the best solution of all the contractors I polled.

Seasun L Lee’s Summit, MO

It was a pleasure dealing with Andy. He kept in touch with us throughout the bidding process via email, submitted a ballpark estimate early on as requested, showed up on time, stayed until the project was completed, and his workmanship was outstanding. Highly recommend!!!

Matthew J Kansas City, MO

Excellent. On budget, on time, and his communication about the progress of my garage epoxy floor was great. Andy exceeded my expectations and I am pleased with the final result.

Jim M Liberty, MO

Andy was a true professional from the initial stages of planning all the way through to completion. The deck he washed and stained is both beautiful and a perfect fit for our house. I would highly recommend Andy and his crew for any deck staining and renovation project!

Chris S Overland Park, KS

Andy and crew were very professional and courteous. Their work was very good and the job was completed in a timely manner. There were no surprises. I expect to send more business their way.

Carol D Kansas City, MO

Pleasure to work with, Work done on time and on budget. I will consider Andy for future work we have planned at our home. I have already recommended him to my brother for a deck stain project.

Tim B Independence, MO

Very Professional and did everything in a timely manner!

Bob G Liberty, MO

Andy was prompt and pleasant. Easy to work with. I would highly recommend him.

Brian G Olathe, KS

Andy of Fresh Coat Paint & Stain is great. Very professional, skilled painter, reasonably priced, easy to work with, great attention to detail, keeps to a schedule, and a nice guy. We look forward to having him do further work in our home.

Christine M Kansas City, KS

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