Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

Fresh Coat Paint & Stain offers a complete line of commercial painting and coating services. From retail locations to commercial properties and tenant finishes, we provide painting services that work within your budget and regulations. We provide competitive bids on a project-by-project basis, annual maintenance contracts, or even hourly rates. We do our work right – the first time.

We have gained experience with corporations that specialize in real estate development. We understand the needs that come with quick decisions that are often made in a fast-paced market. We understand that the preparation is the most important part and can make the difference between good or superior results. We take pride in always maintaining a clean work environment so there is minimal impact to our customers. We are quick and efficient and always meet deadlines.

Teamwork & Trustworthiness

Along with a team-oriented attitude, we also bring a fresh and trustworthy relationship to our clients. We have been trusted in many sensitive and secure environments throughout the United States.

Production & Efficiency

When we discuss your project, we pay close attention to how we can meet your needs. We are concerned with using the best materials available, setting schedules and adjusting the labor force to meet project expectations and deadlines.

Fully Insured and Compliant


Our Commercial Painting Process:


1. Project Estimates

Depending on the nature of your project, we will either come to your site or review your emailed plans, in order to provide an estimate. Cost variables include job size (volume or surface area), finishing specifications (commercial paint, spray finish etc.), and surface condition. If you have questions about the techniques or timing we propose, we’re always happy to walk you through each phase.

2. Contract & Scheduling Stage

Once you’re satisfied with the project timeline and pricing terms, we will provide a contract that outlines the job detail. We will communicate all scheduled dates before and throughout the project, so you can manage expectations with your own employees and clients.

3. Preparation Stage

Before the first drop of color is applied, we thoroughly clean, mask, blast, sand or grind depending on the type of finish. We will identify and fix any surfaces that need patching. We never rush through the preparation stage because it is the foundation for an exceptional finish. We encourage our clients to visit during this stage to view our work ethic and process.

4. Coating Stage

The ability to execute on aggressive deadlines is one of our hallmark qualities. When we promise to complete within two weeks, we will complete within two weeks. We are always sensitive to commercial surroundings, keeping our work environment clean and safe so there is minimal disruption. We’re conscientious about protecting your property from excess paint, dust, odors, and noise.

5. Walk-through and quality assurance stage

We avoid many potential issues because we consistently put checks along the way. A quality job is our priority and first-rate results are among the many reasons we attract such a large volume of repeat business and client referrals. We offer continuing services for upkeep and maintenance of your commercial facilities.

In a sea of average commercial painting contractors, you deserve a company that’s committed to making your customer experience second to none. Contact Fresh Coat Paint & Stain today to learn how we can serve your commercial painting needs.

Our Kansas City Commercial Painting Offerings include:

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