Deck Power Washing & Staining

Deck Power Washing & Staining

Deck Power Washing and Staining

Fresh Coat Paint & Stain is the trusted deck, fence, pergola and gazebo staining and sealing contractor in Kansas City.  We have the knowledge in exterior wood finishing to keep your property beautiful and protected for years to come! A properly sealed and maintained wood structure will not only increase the value of your home, but provide many years of outdoor enjoyment for you and your family.

Let Us Give Your Deck, Fence, Pergola or Gazebo Protection with Staining & Sealing!

New decks and other wood structures need time to acclimate to the climate. The amount of time needed varies with the type of wood used. Some woods are ready for sealing quickly and others need time to dry. Sealing too quickly can lead to peeling and failures, waiting too long to seal the wood allows damage from UV rays and moisture to set in. Let us help you determine the correct conditions for stains and sealers.

Existing structures are treated differently than new structures. We will inspect the current conditions and provide a plan based upon those observations. Some of the conditions we look for are:


Upon the inspection, we may recommend necessary repairs which may include replacing cracked, split or rotten boards or re-screwing any loose boards. We may also determine that the previous applications were inferior and allowed damage to the wood. We often see this when stains appear to peel off the wood or if different stains and sealers were used on top of each other. If that is the case, the ONLY means to repair this is to strip the old stains and sealers from the wood, then sand to a fresh surface. This proven process will get your exterior wood structure headed in the right direction! DO NOT allow anyone to tell you they can pressure wash and re-stain to fix the problem!

Once we have determined the current conditions and made any repairs or restoration, our standard process is as follows.

1. Pressure cleaning with deck wash to remove dirt, BBQ grease, mildew, mold, and other grime.

2. Grey, weathered wood receives a ‘Revival’ solution to clean, brighten and remove the grey from the wood. Nails are reset and screws are tightened as needed.

3. Tops of handrails are sanded to remove splinters and to give a smooth feel.

4. The deck, fence or other structure is given 1-3 days dry time depending on the conditions.

5. We only apply stains and sealers with brushes and rollers! Brushing stains provides uniform coverage and works the product into the grains. It takes more time but provides better results!

6. Depending on the use, porosity and color selected a second coat may be recommended.After 24-48 hours dry time, the deck is ready for use.

Pressure cleaning, staining and sealing your deck, fence and other wood structures is crucial to maintaining your home’s value.

All exterior wood structures require maintenance. No matter how good the stain and seal was in its original form, decks need a proper cleaning and re-staining or the wood will weather and decay causing ugly and unsafe conditions. Fresh Coat Paint & Stain can make old, weathered and dirty wood deck look new again with our proven processes.

Key Deck Washing & Staining Services:

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