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Epoxy Flooring & Finishes – Residential and Commercial

Trust the professionals at Fresh Coat Paint & Stain, Kansas City painting services specialists, with your garage residential or commercial epoxy flooring!

Fresh Coat Paint & Stain is Kansas City’s premier commercial and residential epoxy floor coating company. When you choose us, we take the time to come out to your home or business and walk through with you the areas you need taking care of.

We are committed to excellence with a high priority on customer service, affordable prices and exceptional attention to detail. Whether you use our residential epoxy flooring services or our commercial epoxy flooring, the end result is a garage floor worthy of a showroom. Customers of our Kansas City epoxy floor coating company include residential and commercial customers as well as hobbyists with large workshops and even airplane hangars who want beautiful high gloss results that are guaranteed to last. We offer a wide variety of colors to choose from.

About the Epoxy Floor Coating Process:

The most important part of the entire epoxy flooring process is the concrete preparation. Without a textured surface the epoxy paint will not adhere to the concrete, making it very easy for the coating to peel up in the future. This issue is the #1 problem with epoxy floors.  To prevent this, we carefully prepare the concrete by diamond grinding with a HEPA vac attached.

After the concrete prep is complete, we will clean and inspect for areas that need filler.  We use industrial vacuums to remove all dust and dirt particles. After the floor is cleaned and prepared, a High-Grade 100% solid epoxy coating is applied.

Depending on the design, either solid color, flake, quartz or metallic finishes will be applied.  During the epoxy coating process, the decorative flakes may be applied, if desired.

Decorative flakes serve two important purposes:


Our flakes come in several color combinations and we apply them in a light, medium, or full broadcast density.

The last step is an industrial-grade clear coat that is applied after the epoxy coat is dry. Your new epoxy flooring needs a minimum of 24 hours before foot traffic.

Epoxy Floor Coating Benefits:

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