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Fresh Coat Paint & Stain offers a complete line of interior and exterior house painting services, and we know how to do the job so that it will shine for years to come! Why spend your free time doing tasks that can be handled safer and more efficiently by a professional? When you partner with us, you can relax knowing that we are there helping to protect your house from the seasonal elements and little kid hands while giving it a unique and modern color design. We work with homeowners to help them decide the best route for fresh color designs and protected services. We prepare each surface for maximum performance and use proven products and techniques to keep the job safe and clean.

Difference & Value

Some call it their castle; others, their sanctuary. For most Americans, it is their biggest investment. Your home is an extension of your family and a reflection of who you are. Fresh Coat Paint & Stain recognizes this, and treats your home with the upmost respect and care. As a first-rate house painting company, we specialize in transforming your home with class and charm. Our product knowledge and concern for the best coating solutions is what drives us to do what we do.


Fresh Coat Paint & Stain was built on a foundation of trust. We are trusted to give homeowners honest work for an honest dollar. We are known to use the best application practices and to use the best paints. When we agree on two coats of paint, you get two coats of paint. We take great pride in our history of working with law enforcement and city officials in their home.

Our Kansas City Residential Painting Offerings include:

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